Your Summer in Heidelberg

Our 6-week Summer Program is built for students at the 200 and 300 level, i.e., with at least two semesters of German who want to give their German a big boost and earn 6-9 college credits while doing so. The program combines language instruction, fields trips, and living in a host family into a truly immersive experience for our students.

Summer Courses

The AJY 6-week Summer Program offers intensive language courses (6 credits, 90 contact hours) at the 200 level (for students with 2 semesters of German or equivalent proficiency) and at the 300 level (for students with at least 4 semester of German or equivalent proficiency). The curriculum for the language courses is built around co-curricular excursions and site visits in Heidelberg and beyond. Students may take an additional 3-credit course (Contemporary Controversies in German Culture, 45 contact hours). This option is especially recommended for students at the advanced stage.