Doppelt Hält Besser

…as the German expression goes: in 1958, AJY emerged as a partnership between Heidelberg University (then Heidelberg College) in Tiffin, Ohio, and Universität Heidelberg, Germany, with Heidelberg University in the US organizing the program and serving as the school of record. This makes credit transfer extremely smooth for AJY students who come from 20+ sending institutions in the U.S. The AJY program combines the benefits of being directly enrolled as a Uni Heidelberg student with a strong support system at the AJY Study Center that includes language instruction, language tandem partners, excursions, internship placement, emergency support, and more.

1958: Heidelberg College (Ohio) establishes the AJY Program in partnership with Universität Heidelberg.

1972: AJY moves into its current location on Universitätsplatz.

2019: Resident Director Hanne Heckmann celebrates AJY’s 60th anniversary with Heidelberg University President Rob Huntington and Provost Bryan Smith.

2020: New Resident Director Dr. Martin Kley takes over at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensures continuity by remaining open.

We are proud of working in the long tradition of AJY. We remain strong believers in studying abroad for a full semester or even a full academic year and value the importance of language and extra-curricular engagement in intercultural exchange. That is why we continue to speak German only with our students and work with them on getting involved in life in Heidelberg through internships, volunteering, music, sports, university clubs, and more.

Resident Director Dr. Martin Kley

Our Students Throughout the Years

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The AJY program combines academic rigor, cultural immersion, personal growth, and professional development, offering a transformative and rewarding experience for its participants.