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AJY has helped many students to stay closely connected to Heidelberg and the German-speaking world. Our students often come back for Fulbrights, internships, a Master`s program and/or a professional career in Germany or Austria, or even directly to AJY as program assistants. We love helping our alumni in their future endeavors and staying connected!

Whether you’re an alum, a current student, a prospective student, or simply an interested visitor, we are thrilled to have you here. Stay Engaged, Stay Informed: From our bi-semesterly AJY Newsletter to active social media channels, direct emails, and a dedicated HAInet membership, we offer various avenues for our valued alumni to stay connected and updated.

AJY Alumni in Heidelberg

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HAUS President and AJY Alumna Kathleen Lance and HUA Executive Director Amanda Daquila visiting the AJY Study Center.

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AJY is committed to making study abroad affordable for a broad student population and to helping students with specific research or professional development projects while on-site.  Would you be interested in helping provide the opportunity for future students to experience AJY?  Please consider making a contribution to the AJY Program. For more questions or more information, please contact the Resident Director or get in touch directly with the Associate Vice President for Advancement,  Alumni, and Community Relations, Ashley Helmstetter, at

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We love hearing from our Alumni and finding out where your life has taken you after your time studying abroad. Send us a message at!

Kathleen Lance

Heidelberg University, AJY FYR 1973-74

“Studying at the Universität Heidelberg was such an enriching and life-changing experience for me. I highly recommend it!”

Jennifer Howe

Albion College, AJY WS ’96

“Heidelberg still has my heart […]. I encourage all the young people I encounter to take advantage of opportunities to study in other countries and experience other cultures firsthand. “

Andy Gaa

Southern Illionois University Edwardsville, AJY SoSe ’02

“My decision to study in the AJY program was the best decision I could have made, and has benefitted me in so many ways in my career.”

Heather Liermann

Boston College, AJY SoSe ’02

“To say that my AJY semester positively impacted me on a personal and professional level is an understatement. I strongly encourage anyone interested to pursue this program. It will impact you for life.”

Peter Bloom

Gettysburg College, AJY SoSe ’08

“AJY is a phenomenal program because it combines excellent group programming, focused language study, and independence to tailor your own cultural and educational immersion.”

Cory Rosenberg

Gettysburg College, AJY SoSe ’11

“For students looking to go hands-on and experience Germany in a way that isn’t just pretzels and lederhosen, I cannot recommend AJY highly enough.”

Bernadett Molnar

North Central College, AJY FYR 17-18

“I met so many people and experienced the German culture in a way that I never would have if I had not studied abroad in Heidelberg.”

Michael O’Loughlin

University of Notre Dame, AJY WS ’21

“When people ask me about the experiences that have been most meaningful to me in college, I always tell them first about the time I spent in Heidelberg as a student in the AJY program.”

Dayon Ketchens

University of Pittsburgh, AJY SoSe ’22

“I encourage any person that is at least a little interested in studying abroad to do it through AJY.”